100 Days of Prayer

Great Plains Conference, United Methodist Church Bishop Ruben Saenz Jr., invites us pray for the next 100 days (January 17 – April 4) for the healing of our nation. The Bishop writes,

“I urge our clergy, laity, and congregations to set apart a sacred and regular time each day during the next 100 days to pray for our nation and a smooth transition of power using, “A Prayer in a Time of National Crisis”. Through prayer, we grow in greater awareness, trust, and embodiment of God’s mercy. Walter Brueggemann says prayer helps us turn from our small, preoccupied selves to the larger self we find in God. Prayer, he continues, liberates us to take bold and imaginative action toward a world of neighborliness, a community of care and generosity for our neighbor.

Friends, God is summoning the Church in this season of national crisis to renew our covenant relationship with God and to make a vital contribution that works toward the health and wholeness of our deeply divided and wounded nation. God is summoning us to imagine a new thing and future with hope that is emerging before us. God summoned prophets in times of national crisis to warn and proclaim hope. They willfully responded to God summons with the words, “Here I am, Lord. Send me.” I trust our response as disciples of Jesus Christ and United Methodists to God’s summons will be the same.”   

You can download the prayer for printing below.