The Season of Lent

This year’s season of Lent coincides with the first day of March, and the first evening of our Lenten study of the Apostles’ Creed. The forty days of Lent offer us as disciples a specific time for contemplation and a time for renewing our commitment to faith practices, whether that be prayer life, study, service, contemplation or some other discipline that we choose to take on.

One option that we have this Lenten season is to participate in a workshop here at South Gate UMC on the morning of Saturday, April 1st with Rev. Adam Barlow-Thompson. By now you’ve heard us use the words Engage, Act and Grow at South Gate to describe how we hope to encounter and share our faith. But as we figure out how to engage, act and grow, it is inevitable that we will encounter conflict – which in turn can prevent us from moving forward. I was fortunate to participate in a two-day session with Adam this past fall on this very topic, and when the opportunity came from the Nebraska Methodist Foundation to write a grant for leadership training for South Gate, I asked the Education committee if they would support bringing a shorter version of this training to our church. They agreed, the grant was funded, and here we are. I hope you will join us on April 1st as we each learn tools to help us move forward so we can better engage, act and grow as a community of faith. More details about the training will appear soon.

You will also be hearing more and more about Vacation Bible School as it draws closer. For now, please mark your calendars for the afternoon of June 11th for the launch day, and the evenings of June 12-15 for the other sessions. We will have precise times for you shortly; the algorithm for determining start and end times is almost complete.

It’s a good thing Daylight Savings starts March 13th – we will need the light for the work of discipleship! I’ll look forward to seeing you as we continue to engage, act and grow in faith together.




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