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Easter is the traditional season when we welcome new members into the church, and this year at South Gate, we are fortunate to welcome three Confirmands: Elijah, Grey, and Katie. All are seventh graders who are active participants in the life of our church. Their studies have included confirmation camp, where we covered the United Methodist confirmation curriculum; and regular participation in worship, Sunday School and youth group. I hope you will join me during the month of May in congratulating them on this step in their faith journey.

We are people of many stages in the faith journey, and in May we are preparing for June’s Vacation Bible School. This year we are again trying an experiment with time, this time weekday evenings. VBS will be from 6:00-8:00 p.m., with an optional sack supper at 5:45. In another new experiment, registration is online. We seek volunteers of a variety of skill levels, including people who are willing to help us construct a city skyline along the interior walls of the church during the weeks prior to the start of VBS; you will see the dates on our calendar for “VBS craft workshop.” No crafting experience or coordination is required, I promise. Your time, energy and care will make all the difference to the young seekers we invite into our building to learn more about our faith stories during VBS.

We also have plenty of opportunities this summer for community engagement and spiritual development. Our Mission Passport is back for a third year; we are looking for people to help us meet neighbors in the community garden; and we are introducing a summer reading club for all ages during the Sunday School hour – more details will emerge in time for a June reading kick-off.

I look forward to seeing you at South Gate as late Spring turns to Summer, and we continue to engage, act and grow in our faith. 



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