Journey with Jesus Towards Easter

March 1st marked the beginning of the season of Lent, and with the start of the season we began a journey with Jesus towards Easter. In April, we will see both the struggle of Holy Week and the joy of Easter and in the scriptures we will be reminded that the church has been called to carry forth the faith.

Our Wednesday night book study has been studying the Apostles creed, and recently reflected on the phrase “holy catholic church,” noting that the church is holy because it was created by Jesus, catholic not because of the denomination but because it is universal and includes all believers, and that the church itself is not the building but the people who gather together.

This Easter season I am so encouraged by the many ways South Gate is choosing to truly be the church in our community; every one of you has a role in supporting this good work, whether it is in person, or with your prayers, words of support or donations of items on our wish lists. Here are just a few ways I see us being the church: VBS is gearing up to be our largest in years, with a full planning team that started work in January; the community garden is back; there’s a rumor of a summer reading club starting for both children and adults; we will be back at the Lincoln marathon water station on May 7th; a memorial project will allow us to show images during worship and when we host guest speakers; and we’ve started experimenting with a worship live stream on our facebook page – it is imperfect, but members who are unable to join us in person can still worship with us! PLUS all of our music and outreach activities that make South Gate the vibrant church that we are.

In April we celebrate the risen Christ – and that the church is very much alive, reaching out to neighbors to share this good and excellent news. I look forward to seeing you in church as we continue to be the church!

Rev. Stephanie


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