Happy New Year

We are starting a new year together here at South Gate, and I want to take a moment to thank all of you for the many ways you have supported each other and the community these past 12 months. This is a church with many gifts, and you share them very well. Together this past year we have welcomed new members to the congregation; prayed and blessed loved ones as they have transitioned from this life to a new life; sung praises to God; given our time, talent and financial resources to support those in crisis in our community and world; prayed with and for people we know and have never met; increased the depth of our hunger ministries; and cared for the logistical matters that keep a congregation running. Each member of our congregation participates in this good work in their own way, and together we make up the whole of the Church, called forth into this new year. What will we encounter together? We will find out! Our task is to engage our faith, act on our faith, and to continue always to grow as Disciples, proclaiming the good news of God’s love in our community and beyond.

For now, please receive from me an enthusiastic THANK YOU for your thoughtful generosity as we engage, act and grow in this community. Our South Gate members make a difference for others each day.

Rev. Stephanie


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